“Information consumes attention;
hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention”
-Herbert Simon
(1977, Nobel prize and Turing award)

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“The problem with experts is that they do not know what they do not know”
- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan

With the unprecedented amount of data available, analysts are burdened with ad-hoc reporting and analytics demand. With BoostKPI analysts can

Automate mundane and repetitive slicing & dicing of data to answer the “what, why and where” behind each KPI event
Automate root cause analysis for KPI shifts- no need for custom code or SQL queries
Automate collaboration to share KPI insights with your team and take action
Automate KPI alerts using ML – never have static/stale thresholds for your events

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BoostKPI gives power and sanity to your business leaders, data analysts and data scientists

"Building customized queries to examine the data for root causes is time-consuming and can stifle the data team's ability to solve bigger and better challenges. The ML-based tool from BoostKPI is like having an insurance policy on our data: we can rest easy knowing that if a KPI fluctuates, the tool will immediately notify us with the true reasons. We are no longer continually seeking for the what, why, and where behind our business KPIs in the war room."

Morgan Bugbee, VP, R&D and Analytics at Cover
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"Prior to BoostKPI, my team and I were spending hours every week running manual queries to keep a pulse on our business and ensure our KPIs were being met.  In cases where the KPIs were not being met we were spending even more time doing discrete queries in order to nail down the root cause.  It was literally like looking for needles in a haystack until we started using BoostKPI.  Now BoostKPI's machine learning technology does a lot of that manual work for us and surfaces the biggest contributors and detractors to meeting our goals, enabling us to be more nimble in decision-making.  With BoostKPI we are able to accelerate release/learn cycles and ultimately provide better products for our customers."

Jill Choi, Director of product management at Smugmug

"Wish has been using BoostKPI extensively to detect anomalies in our digital ad spend. At Wish, we have been pioneers in spending ad dollars at scale (in hundreds of millions of dollars) with good ROI. Over the years, we had built internal tools to detect anomalies in our ad spend data. We have found the BoostKPI solution much better and more customizable than our internal tooling. The dashboard is intuitive and has saved me hours. The alerting is really customizable and allows layering business rules on top. Their support has been top-notch too. We are really happy with BoostKPI."

Tianhang, Software Engineer
at Wish
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