Detect anomalies with root causes across all subsets of your data.

Why BoostKPI

Identify Unknown-Unknowns

Quickly answer the “what, why and where” behind any KPI deviation. Powered with root-cause, your team can focus on fixing the issue.

Slicing and Dicing of your Data

BoostKPI does the heavy lifting job, so you and your team can be rest assured that any business opportunity in your KPIs don’t go unnoticed.


BoostKPI can access data from your cloud warehouses (such as Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift) and hundreds of other data sources (such as Facebook marketing data or Amplitude) through simple API keys.

Ready to boost your KPIs?

BoostKPI can help you navigate your data labyrinth. Developed by business operators and backed by prominent Silicon Valley investors, BoostKPI is in closed beta with a handful of companies, including multiple unicorns.

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